The Humboldt Bay Vertical Reference System Working Group is developed to evaluate the tectonic contributions to local sea level in northern California.

“HumBayVert” was formed by Todd Williams as a member of Cascadia GeoSciences in the Fall of 2010. Mr. Williams brought together over thirty (30) local, state, and federal agencies, organizations, universities, and consultants to form this group by holding a one day workshop in October 2010. Workshop attendees all agreed that sea-level rise in northern California cannot be determined until the tectonic contribution to sea level rise can be quantified.

We developed a science plan in the intervening months and prepared a budget. Approximately twenty percent (20%) of our budget is currently funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Please contact any of the following if you are interested in funding this important project.

  • Todd Williams at “toddw at cascadiageo.org”
  • Jay Patton at “jayp at cascadiageo.org”
  • Tom Leroy at “toml at cascadiageo.org”
  • Jeff Anderson at “northernhydrology.com”

Here are some resources we have developed


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