This is a list of the cooperators in this project. The initial workshop we held included participants from over thirty public and private entities. We provide here links to these organizations, along with contact information for those involved.

This project has primarily been funded by the Landscape Conservation Cooperative through the USFWS.

The work done in support of this project has been primarily by these people.

Cascadia GeoSciences
Todd Williams toddw at
Jason R. Patton jayp at

Northern Hydrology
Jeff Anderson jeff at

Pacific Watershed Associates
Tom Leroy toml at
Whelan Gilkerson whelang at

Humboldt State University
Mark Hemphill-Haley Mark.Hemphill-Haley at

University of Oregon
Ray Weldon ray at

New Mexico State University
Reed Burgette burgette at

This project has been overseen by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

USFWS Coastal Program
Paula Golightly paula_golightly at

This project was supported by the following organizations.

Cal Trans





U.C. Sea Grant

National Marine Fisheries Management Service

Redwood National Park

California Department of Water Resources

Oregon State University

Humboldt County


Oregon State University

National Geodetic Survey

This is the sign in sheet from the initial meeting in October, 2010.

This is the agenda from the initial meeting in October, 2010.

Cascadia GeoSciences
Northern Hydrology
HSU Geology
Univ Oregon DOGS

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