Trinidad Tide Gage

This page contains information related to the Tide Gages installed at the Trinidad Pier. There are two tide gages at the Trinidad Pier (a Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CENCOOS) gage and an HBV gage).


  • Here is a map that shows the general location of the tide gages.

  • Here is a map showing the general layout of the level survey.

  • Here is a diagram that was the basis for the design of the stilling basin

  • Informational Photos

  • Here is a photo of the stilling basin prior to installation.

  • Here is a photo of the installation of the stilling basin. The basin is being strapped to the ABS plastic bumper, on the opposite side as the CENCOOS tide gage.

  • Here is a photo taken of two HSU, Department of Geology student volunteers helping survey the vertical position of the stilling basin.

  • Here is the benchmark used for vertical elevation data. This was used in the high precision level survey. This is tidal benchmark 9059 L. The lower photo shows the location of 9059 L in relation to the boat launch at the foot of Trinidad Pier. A secondary benchmark we surveyed is in the concrete base of the boat lift (shown in photo).

  • Data

  • Here is a link to the CENCOOS tide gage.
  • Here is a link to the HBV tide gage. (will be live when connected)
  • Station Home Page
  • Data
  • Photos

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