GPS Sites

These are the USGS websites for the GPS sites used in our study.

This is an important paper that describes the GPS data collection, processing, and analysis.

Continuous GPS

P179 Obrien, OR
P734 Brookings, OR
P786 Gasquet, CA
P154 Happy Camp, CA
PTSG Point St. George, CA
CACC Crescent City, CA
P316 Klamath River, CA
P155 Blue Ridge, CA
P325 Bald Hills, CA
TRND Trinidad, CA
P343 China Peak, CA
P170 Bald Mountain, CA
P058 Humboldt State, CA
P169 Fickle Hill, CA
P331 Eagle Rock, CA
P162 Table Bluff, CA
P168 Iaqua Lookout, CA
P161 Loleta, CA
P326 Showers Mountain, CA
P160 Rohnerville Airport, CA
P167 Bald Jesse, CA
P159 Bear River Ridge, CA
327P Dinsmore 02, CA
P793 Dinsmore 01, CA
CME6 Cape Mendocino, CA
166P Chalk Mountains, CA
P158 Monument Ridge, CA
P324 Cemetary Road, CA
157P Johnnie Jack Ridge, CA
P165 Miranda, CA
P163 Pringle Ridge, CA
P164 Pratt Mountain, CA
P156 Gibson Ridge, CA

Campaign GPS

FISH Brookings, OR
HP12 Monkey Ridge, CA
GORD Low Divide Road, CA
HP13 Smith River, CA
01XD Patrick Creek, CA
H111 Klamath River, CA
BLCR Bluff Creek, CA
CW07 Kane Ridge, CA
SCHL Bald Hills, CA
HP19 Mad River mouth, CA
01RE Willow Creek, CA
01RD Berry Summit, CA
CW08 Bald Mountain, CA
HORS Horse Mountain, CA
KNEE Barry Ridge, CA
SIS3 Humboldt Hill, CA
IAQ2 Iaqua Lookout, CA
TAB3 Thompkins Hill, CA
01PA Ferndale, CA
SHW1 Showers Mountain, CA
ROHN Rohnerville Airport, CA
RNPT Rohnerville Airport, CA
HP16 Mad River, CA
L229 Cape Ridge, CA
1468 Bear River Ridge
01NE Larabee Valley, CA
PIER Mount Pierce, CA
PRCE Mount Pierce, CA
P229 Davis Creek, CA
LASS Signal Peak, CA
GRSH Grasshopper Mountain, CA
COOS Cooskie Mountain, CA
K NGP King Peak, CA
ALDE Pratt Mountain, CA

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